1973 -

Goran Hamsic was born 1973 in former Yugoslavia., in a family of artist musicians and painters, where instruments, pencils, and paint brushes were his playground from an early age.

1985-1989 Fine arts Academy
Graphic Design / Sarajevo

1995: After the war in former Yugoslavia, Hamsic immigrates to Canada and enrolls in a private college in 1998 to study graphic design multimedia and technology in IAODT

Having lived the horrors of war in Bosnia from 1990-1995, a part of his work rests on memories and feelings from what he experienced back then. Remembering well the massacres that happened during this war, the images of his compatriots being killed at the marketplace have left a lasting trace on his memories.

Paintings modify perceptions. The duality of the connection between life and death is often expressed in his works. His way to live with it is to express his feelings and memories through art. The quest for beauty, based on compliance with established rules, techniques and themes, could not translate the ardor of his creations. His work often features both living and ghostly figures, with a little dash of abstract presence that the artist worked on by applying different techniques.

The use of dark shades and violent reds are added to the presence of mute human figures from which emanate darkness. His paintings sometimes seem like they weep. The artist wants his canvas to be soaked in the material, the paint, he uses. To achieve this, he does not use brushes, but homemade tools that give his artwork a unique signature. With this technique, the liquid penetrates the canvas, giving it a symbiotic effect. Goran’s work is in a constant evolution, and in the experimental phase. With time, we can see the pieces starting to lose their brutality to gain in subtlety.

Trough his last 23 years of living and working in Canada, Spain, and France, Goran has worked and accomplished many different pro bono art projects, multimedia projects, exhibitions and a wide variety of other visual presentations. In the last 2 decades, he has collaborated with many artist and enterprises from Canada and the Province of Quebec.

Martin Bündock, senior consultant for Art integration at the Cirque du Soleil has discovered Goran’s work in 2000 and invited him to create and present 22 large works that became a media hit overnight. The artist gained a notorious art underground presence as one of the most provocative and uprising artist.

Goran lives and works in Montreal.

His work has been appreciated in Quebec, China, Spain, USA, France, Germany, and a few other countries. A network of well-advised collectors, including the world-famous Cirque du Soleil organization, gives him an international rating and unparalleled visibility.

He is currently preparing his new project and has been working on his new book that will follow the opening of his show in late 2019.

Beside his artistic side, he is also a Senior Visual designer and Creative director. He has collaborated with some of the most talented Canadian artists, Global Canadian companies,
local institutions, and businesses.

Currently developing the project that will help artists resolve everyday problems and establish their careers on the local and global scale.

Follow him on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/prometheusone/
Official web page : http://goranhamsic.com
Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/goranhamsic/

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