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Jodoin, France

Jodoin, France

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France Jodoin was born in Québec in 1961. Art has been her passion since childhood and she started painting as soon as she could hold a brush. She paints using her subconscious and allows herself a great freedom of creation.

Her style, which is semi-abstract, allows the viewer to mentally complete the picture with their own perception. Jodoin’s work is a criticism against the senseless and accelerated way of life of our contemporary era, and is inspired by the great masters of the European Romantic Movement, both for the technique and the message. The artist is well known for her marine scenes and works mainly with oil painting, but also masters a variety of techniques which allows her to create work with great diversity. She is inspired by her numerous travels and visits around Québec, which allow her work to constantly evolve.

She has been part of various exhibitions, and is part of prestigious collections, including the Cirque du Soleil.

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