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Péloquin, Marie-Catherine

Péloquin, Marie-Catherine

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A self-taught painter, Marie-Catherine Péloquin was born in Montreal. She studied art history and taught at Cégep. In recent years, she has devoted herself entirely to painting, which has now become inseparable from the meaning of her life.

In her works, one notices traces carved in the material and a fragmented gesture. An emerging universe. Marie-Catherine is constantly researching the vital energy connected to matter that is embodied in a multitude of explosions. The spontaneous impulses of her painting attempt to demonstrate the fiery nature of life. Thus, the organic elements seem to want to escape from the painting in order to live with as few constraints as possible.

“My artistic vision is based on my pantheistic belief of the universe, my interest in quantum physics & my spiritual need. I have always been interested in the consciousness & intelligence that reside in organic & physical matter as well as its power to organize the universe in a coherent and harmonious way. That’s why we find at the base of my paintings a multitude of tiny particles that organize & energize the space. My spontaneous explosions give birth to an energy that goes beyond the frame of my paintings to demonstrate that the universe is in perpetual change, endless & eternal. I am also interested in colours specifically because of their vibrational frequencies as well as in different materials, sand, metal, collages, etc allowing me to express in my landscapes the vision I have of the world around me.

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