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Araya, Silvia

Araya, Silvia

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Born in Chile in 1930, Sylvia Araya has distinguished herself in the world of art. She completed her formal training in Fine Art at the School of Fine Art at the University of Chile during a six-year period. She then pursued Post graduate studies in Mexico and Argentina. She also travelled several times to Europe to perfect her knowledge of Art.
She had an impressive career punctuated by numerous accomplishments. She co-founded the Museum of art and artistry in Linares, Chile which has among the Museum’s permanent collection sculptures and paintings by the artist. She was the Curator of the museum for fifteen years. She was also he Founder of the Institute of Indo-Chilean culture. In her native country she presented more than thirty exhibitions and taught Fine as well. In recognition, she was named member and President of the Education Commission of Chile before the 1973 coup d’état.
She took refuge in Quebec in 1977 after the political upheaval of 1973 in her homeland. She rapidly involved herself in the world of art by establishing her own Academy of Fine art which became the first school for the teaching of painting in the Quebec City region.
Her implication in the arts would be many, earning her the Order of Quebec in 2008, other acclamations include membership in associations related to UNESCO.

As an artist, she is renowned for her portraits. For more than fifty years she has dedicated herself to painting, with over sixty solo exhibitions in Canada and Internationally. It is noteworthy to remark two of her sons have followed in her footsteps: Cristobal and Humberto Pinochet Araya.

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