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Josée Miller was born in 1958 in Victoriaville. Her father was an art collector, and she grew up surrounded by the work of renowned artists such as René Richard and Cosgrove. It was at the age of ten that her interest in the arts was noticed when she asked her father for a painting kit and an easel as a gift. The happiness she found in creation gave birth to her passion.
After studying in health sciences, she started a DEC in interior design and planning in 1982. She worked for the Galerie du Meuble and then for a private office in Quebec. She also worked as a freelance designer until 1995.
It was in 1996 that she began to devote herself to painting full time. Her work stands out with its dazzling colours and the fantasy that inhabits it. There is an abundance of detail and an inviting and joyful atmosphere in each of her paintings. Combining her knowledge of architecture with her sense of observation, she draws her inspiration from family walks and excursions with other painters.
Josée Miller has carved out a place for herself in the Canadian art market through numerous solo exhibitions across Quebec. The artist has been exhibiting in galleries since 1997 and her work is part of several private and public collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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