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Guy Bégin is a self-taught artist with an Impressionist tendency and worldwide renown. His work is considered both timeless and of universal interest. His creation, which has its source in the heart and passion, be it his landscapes, his garden scenes, his still lifes, café scenes or street scenes, have been contemplated and appreciated by millions of people around the world.

Having realized his dream of becoming an artist, Guy Bégin paints for the benefit of collectors and his passion is expressed in his desire to serve, to produce positive, inspiring images to liven up homes and create a soothing escape allowing one to forget the daily vicissitudes.

Having started painting in 1961 and professionally in 1985, it was in 1988, when he moved to California, that his personal style for which he is known today was truly defined. Since 1988, he has had more than 150 solo exhibitions and/or events in Canada, the United States, Japan, France and England.

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