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Leo Ayotte was born October 10, 1909 in Sainte-Flore in Mauricie. He devoted himself very early in the writing and composition sketches of landscapes. His love of nature and the wonder it brings him, the naturally leads to painting. The self-taught never deviate from its unique style.

Ayotte often used one brush to create a work. With a wave of spontaneity and disconcerting, he always managed his paintings at once, not having to be made eternal retouching like most painters. The bold lines and vibrant colors that were emerging of his brush, the extension of his soul, animated the subjects he knew in capturing the essence like no other.

He worked for several years as a model, as a janitor at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal, where he developed his taste for art in contact with students and teachers. He began painting in the thirties. From 1945, he devoted himself entirely to painting. In the early fifties, he became friends with Pellan and writer François Hertel. A trip to Europe in 1963, allows him to discover the new realism that will have some influence on its mode of expression. He died in St-Hyacinthe 21 December 1976. He is best known for his landscapes but he was also interested in still life and portraiture.

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