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Der, John

Der, John

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Born in Saskatchewan in 1926, John Der was known for his sharp sense of observation, which can easily be seen when one looks at his works. Surprisingly, in the beginning, nothing led to predict that one day John Der was going to become an artist. Formerly, he worked as a sailor for the merchant navy and later on as an insurance agent. It is only at the age of 55 that he started his career as a professional artist.  ??

His favourite subject-matter is the everyday life of people which we cross here and there. The successes, the enjoyments, the punishments and the disappointments of people which surround him are his source of inspiration. Being a huge observer, he manages to transpose the emotion lived by the portrayed subjects in his stunning paintings. Whether they be sportspeople, party goers, dancers; John Der depicts with a touch of humour the little details of his character’s varied lives that will for sure make the painting viewer smile.

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