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Patricia’s work is about expressing movement and bringing her subject to life, whether she is painting a kitchen scene, an orchestra, a still life or a landscape. Patricia Bellerose was born in Joliette in 1980. From an early age, her family encouraged her to draw and paint. She graduated from Ahuntsic College in Montreal in 2000 in graphic design. In 2006, Patricia began to paint in acrylic and gradually moved to oil in 2008. Exhibited in galleries since 2011, her work has been awarded in numerous international painting competitions. Her work has been shown in Canada, the United States and China and her paintings are internationally shared in corporate and private collections. She is a member of the Oil Painter of America (OPA) and now exhibits in numerous galleries across Canada and the United States.

Her influences are American and Canadian masters such as the Group of Seven, J.S. Sargent and Richard Schmid.
“When I paint, I always try to give movement to my subject. I like to play with light and texture on the canvas to give us the impression that the subject is alive. My way of thinking about painting is not limited by subjects and color palette because my signature lies in the application of paint. I work in oil on canvas or on backboard, and I paint landscapes, still lifes, portraits and figures. I use a variety of tools, brushes, and spatulas because I believe every part of the canvas should be interesting to the eye.

Oil is an exciting medium and exploring it every day brings me great joy. »

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