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Daniel Sarazin was born in Trois-Rivières in 1971. From an early age, he was interested in drawing and discovered painting around the age of 15. He became passionate about colour and its multiple possibilities, which he sees as a world of magic to be mastered.

A self-taught painter, he launched his artistic journey with landscapes, inspired by the impressionist way and guided by his interest in light. He then turned his interest to a more surrealist representation, which quickly led him to more gestural painting and eventually, totally abstract.

After several surrealist explorations, featuring lines and colours, he returns to figuration, but this time in a freer way. He does not seek to satisfy only an artistic school. His artistic evolution leads him to a fusion between his painting and his sculpture, including elements of relief in his paintings.

“Painting offers me the most fantastic things in life: moments of discovery, surprise and reflection. It has become my right of way to a world where you can recreate everything according to your knowledge, your emotions, and your beliefs. My feelings are expressed through it, giving me, by the same token, the assurance of my participation in today’s world. »

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