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Gilles Bédard was born in Quebec in 1954. In his early twenties, he left to discover the world, its horizons and perspectives, on an icebreaker where he worked for 4 years. The views and the lights he saw fed his artistic eye and guided him toward his path as an artist.
This experience made him discover the wide spaces of Canada, which became inherent to his art. A joyful atmosphere can also be found in his work.
Moved by his need of liberty, he started his career by realizing both portraits and outdoor scenes. Baie St-Paul has inspired many of his landscapes, and the artist really knows how to put on canvas the unique ambiance and characteristics of each of its seasons. He paints spectacular perspectives and plunging views, easily recognizable as the entrance road to Charlevoix. It is the region where he chose to live for a while in the 80s’.
Using multiple techniques like acrylic, oil, pastel and charcoal he always makes sure the variations of light are well represented. He paints by layering colors on his canvas, sometimes using more material to really showcase the textures. He works by sketching his ideas on small canvases, while his eyes memorize the moment.
While the years pass and time goes by, his approach is only more in agreement with his need for simplicity.

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