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Juan Cristobal Pinochet was born in Chile in 1960. Living in Quebec since the age of 17, he completed his classical studies at the Petit Séminaire de Québec and at the University of Ottawa in marketing and communication. Coming from a family of artists trained in Fine Arts, his passion for the arts led him to take an interest in painting from a young age. He assiduously attended the drawing and painting academy run by his mother Silvia Araya in Quebec City, letting his great passion for painting take its course. Landscape and classical portraiture influenced an important part of his career.

At the start of his career, he joined the artists of Old Quebec where he executed numerous pastel portraits over 10 summer seasons. There he began his apprenticeship in realism, observed his subjects and developed his skill in capturing resemblance. Influenced by the great outdoor painters of the previous generation, he seeks to translate light and colour in his work.

During the last decade he has allowed himself to be overcome by new challenges. His vision of art evolved through creativity towards a more contemporary art. He now creates his paintings with more expressive gestures and greater chromatic freedom. Taking up the same themes; landscape, city, portrait, nude and still life, he now detaches himself from realism to move towards partial figuration and even semi-abstraction.

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