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Born in Québec in 1956, St Gilles has established himself as a major influence in the world of landscape artistry. Since 1999, this lover of nature has challenged himself to not only travel the country to paint scenes from all the provinces and territories but to do it with a special connection to his subject.

St Gilles studied in Ste Foy where he obtained a diploma in Aesthetic Presentation. He also began painting at a young age and was tutored by Arthur Genest, Paul Brien Mario Mauro and Bruno Côté. He first attracted attention with his watercolours and later with his oil paintings, a medium he still works with today.

At the early age of 23, St Gilles held his first solo exhibition. His career got off to an excellent start as he broke into the Montreal market in 1981. Since then the artist has held over 25 solo exhibitions throughout Canada.

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