Constantineau, Fleurimond

Constantineau, Fleurimond

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Born in Montreal in 1905, Fleurimond Constantineau began studying art at the Montreal School of Fine Art in 1924. In the early years of his studies he was already known for his outstanding talents in drawing. Until the late 40s, he taught at the Montreal School of Fine Arts and gained in notoriety.

His work was influenced by his numerous travels throughout Europe, the Caribbean and most notably, Northern Canada. Constantineau contributed to getting Northern Canada known in the rest of the country. He painted many picturesque landscapes, but his favourite subject was the inhabitants of Northern Canada : the Inuits, with their dog sledges and typical homes. These scenes are the most sought by collectors.

Art historians have defined him as being in distance of the major artistic movements of his time, like automatism.

Fleurimond Constantineau passed away on the 15th of March 1981 in Saint-Viateur d’Outremont.

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