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Michel Fortin was born in Lavaltrie in the Lanaudière region in the province of Québec in 1957. His father was a toymaker and a carpenter and Michel was initiated to the art of woodcarving at a very young age.

He has worked as a restorer of antique furniture and got familiar with the production methods of antiques through his work. He is fascinated by the patina that is found on antiques, as well as by their colours and textures.

Reading and improving his knowledge on the subject, he starts carving toys and objects inspired by antiques. With new wood, he creates sculptures with a unique patina that gives them an ancient look.

Fortin likes creating birds, roosters, horses, ducks as well as pieces inspired by traditional legends and fairytales of Québec. He works with different types of woods, depending on what he wants to depict.

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