Labranche, Gilles

Labranche, Gilles


Gilles Labranche was born in 1947. He had a passion for painting from an early age and continues to this day to paint for his own pleasure above all.

Gilles Labranche is impulsive in his artistic process. When he makes a discovery, he exploits it fully and only turns the page when he has learned everything from it.

His inspiration comes first from his neighbourhood of St-Henri. He then broadened his horizons to other neighbourhoods, cities, and regions of Quebec. His work includes abstract painting and naive art.

Recognized among other things for his winter scenes, he paints gentle snowstorms doubled with violence, his characters at the mercy of the winds, snow, and gusts. He goes from snow scenes to restaurant terraces, to house facades which he loves to work with. He takes advantage of furtive moments when shadow and light give us a feeling of tranquility and solitude.

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