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Born in St-Jérôme in the Laurentians in 1959, Danielle Lanteigne is passionate about the creative process. At only 10 years old, she taught herself to use the oil paint her sister had received as a gift. She then realizes how vast the universe she seeks to represent is. Danielle Lanteigne has always painted chairs, tables, doors, and windows. Inanimate objects seem to come to life under her brush.

The artist studied at Concordia University where she developed her style under the direction of Françoise Sullivan. We can still see the influence of the teacher in her practice. The richness of her work is based on her knowledge as well as her technical mastery and her strength lies in her division of space, the colours, and texture. All this contributes to the visual effect that she presents to us.

Danielle Lanteigne invites us to look at our daily lives with a smile. She plays with the perspective we have of ordinary objects and transforms them into colourful compositions. She deforms to better reform, she breaks conventions. Created with vigour, each piece juxtaposes organic and geometric shapes. A self-described “colorist,” she challenges the harmony of form and colour by manipulating the perspective in ways that disrupt tradition.

Lanteigne won the Grand Prix du Conseil de la Culture des Laurentides in 1992.

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