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Diane Coudé has a college degree in Fine Arts and a university degree in Theatre. For over 30 years she has been designing and crafting costumes, accessories, theatre sets and puppets. This vast experience has made her art mature and has set the stage for her mastery of painting, even though she started working with this medium only recently. Two internships in France with professional painter Christoff Debusschere helped her move toward a professional practice, which lead her to the studio Couleur d’Art, where she has been painting since 2010 under the teachings of the experienced artist Richard Morin.

Sensitive to light and composition, the artist paints moments. Even though she often starts from a photograph, her brush or palette knife strokes tend to move her depictions away from reality and towards emotion. In her work, everything is love. She knows her subject matter intimately and chooses to depict interior scenes as well as exterior ones.

Diane Coudé’s art tells stories, depicts memories and takes the viewer on a voyage.

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