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At first glimpse, one could say Michel Sauvé’s paintings are from the field of naïve art. There is much more depth to them in truth, as can be seen in the artist’s exploration of different themes and subjects like landscapes, scenes from the everyday life, architecture, caricature, etc.

Sauvé was already passionate for drawing as a child, but it is only in 1993 that he started learning how to use oil painting. He has been working as a printer since 1980 and as such, he quickly mastered the different distinctive features of colour.

The artist is torn between childhood and maturity, thus his desire to seek refuge in a universe of fantasy rather than taking art too seriously. He prefers to bring a smile to the viewer in lieu of inciting thought or mediation. Hockey has always been a passion for him and is one of his preferred themes. He likes to depict tiny hockey players who practice their sport in back alleys or school yards with equipment from yesteryear. Dressed in shirts of the Québec Nordiques or the Montréal Canadiens, the characters are a reminder of the rivalry that used to exist between those two teams.

Jurists are another prominent theme in Sauvé’s production. These characters are depicted in delicate positions, like the artist feels them, and he offers them other settings than the courtroom to express themselves. Sometimes, he gives them skates and hockey sticks to defend themselves. Sauvé has always loved to draw, and drawing is the base of his work; that is how he integrates the architecture of old neighbourhoods to his paintings. His jurists can often be seen walking the streets of Old Québec.
Success does not come by itself. Each year, Michel Sauvé donates paintings to diverse fundraising campaigns, like La maison Simone-Chartrand, La maison des soins palliatifs d’Hudson, La maison du Père and different hockey teams.

Born in 1962, Sauvé is now in his fifties, and still has a productive artistic future ahead of him.

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