Guay, Jean-Pierre

Guay, Jean-Pierre


Jean-Pierre Guay was born in Charny in 1949. A student at the School of Fine Arts of Québec from 1968 to 1971, he also got a bachelor’s degree at the School of Visual Arts of Laval University. Jean-Pierre Guay has been painting since his early twenties and he has made it his full-time work since 1998. His uncommon path has helped him gain a unique multidisciplinary vision. Over the years, the artist has been an antique dealer, a cabinetmaker, an antique furniture restorer, a muralist, and a sculptor. It is through his art that he can communicate his renewed vision of nature, combining the natural beauty of wildlife with more abstract elements. His rich background as a muralist helped develop his unique technique, marked by his sparing use of colours, and his spectacular research of textures. Painted with acrylic, his bas-relief paintings produce an impressive impasto effect, using collages of gauze, the interplay of cording, textiles, and other materials.
The artist’s paintings are created in two phases. First, he creates an ambiance, or décor, through relief, abstract elements, and bold splashes of colours. Then, he adds more figurative elements, including the emblematic animals from Quebec’s wildlife. Without trying to depict nature in a perfectly accurate way, the artist puts himself on the fringes of animal art. He claims total creative license and flies in the face of convention.
The artist’s strong gestural technique gives his work great visual energy, both modern and wild. Through a skillful marriage of abstract and figurative painting, Jean-Pierre Guay presents us with a renewed vision of nature, a powerful tribute to untamed beauty.

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